September 1, 2016

“Well where do I start…. for such a long time I had been trying relentlessly to be happy with my face. Every 3 months I would go get my lips and Tox done and I’d always come out feeling uglier. However, when I met Jamie, I knew she would be the person to take over my treatments. She is an absolute perfectionist, she has an amazing eye for detail and symmetry.

I was in a bad way when I first got to her, my lips were so over filled making me look constantly sad. Over 18 years I must have had over 30ml altogether!!! by previous practitioners including GP’s. No one had ever recommended I dissolve they just kept taking my money and filling.

Jamie started by dissolving my lips and all the filler surrounding my lips and cheeks. She then re filled using a minimal amount with maximum impact as I was always used to having fuller lips she applied the Russian technique.

I was in love with this new look!! Never have I felt so confident especially with my new side profile. Her anti-wrinkle treatments last so much longer too, meaning less money is spent and nothing goes wrong.

I went a while back regarding my jowls. I had chin and a small amount in the jaw next to the chin area to smooth it all meaning my double chin looks way less noticeable!

It has changed my face and I now feel 100% confident and happy in myself, so much so I regularly now go without make up which I haven’t ever felt confident enough to do in my whole life.

I have had cheek contour filler, a very small amount, and under eye rejuvenation, sunekos, which I love too.

I would highly recommend MODE for literally any of your needs xxThey are amazing, I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else!”

Samantha - MODE Aesthetics


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