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``Russian Lips, The Most Popular Technique in the Uk``

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``Russian Lips, The Most Popular Lip Filler Technique in the UK``

Classic Lip Filler & Russian Lips in Chelmsford

At MODE Aesthetics, our lip fillers Chelmsford, offers both classic lip filler and the Russian lip filler technique. Both are both popular techniques in lip augmentation, but they differ in their methods and the results they aim to achieve. At your appointment for lip fillers in Chelmsford, we will discuss what aesthetic outcome you’re looking to achieve and advise which lip filler technique is best suited to you in line with your goals. At MODE Aesthetics Essex, especially first timers, we get a lot of clients unsure which lip filler technique is best suited to them so here’s a brief overview of the difference between classic lip fillers vs Russian lip fillers we offer in Chelmsford Essex.

Classic Lip Fillers:

Classic lip fillers at MODE in Essex, are tailored to your unique lip anatomy. Offering clients a natural lip volume restoration due to ageing factors, or clients wanting” just that bit of plump”. This lip filler technique is perfect for those seeking lip volume without much reshaping of their natural lip.

Russian Lip Fillers:

The Russian lip filler technique is a specialised approach to lip augmentation that focuses on creating a distinct and defined appearance, particularly in the upper lip area. This technique has gained popularity for its ability to produce a more lifted, and flat side profile appearance. Russian lips at MODE emphasises specific features such as the cupid’s bow and creates a beautiful heart shaped lip. At MODE Aesthetics we specialise in this technique, and being one of our most popular treatments, we use a variety of the Russian lip filler techniques bespoke to individual needs and desires. Our Russian lips can be tailored to create a natural looking result or a more enhanced look. As this is one of the most popular techniques in the UK, here’s the benefits you can expect to achieve from your Russian lip filler appointment in Chelmsford:

Before & After Lip Filler

Russian Lip Fillers Chelmsford

Lifting Ability

One of the main benefits of Russian lips over classic lip fillers is the ability of the techniques to stretch and lift the lip vertically, giving an immediate increase in height to the lip whilst also giving a flatter side profile appearance than traditional lip fillers.

The Perfect Cupid’s Bow

Whilst lifting the lip vertically, we enhance the shape of the Cupid’s bow, this really emphasize’s the heart shaped appearance of the lips or “Doll look” if desired.

Enhanced or Natural Look

Whilst addressing shape, Russian lips can be tailored to offer a very natural look, or added volume and lift for those wanting a more enhanced & defined appearance. At MODE, our lip fillers in Chelmsford cater to each and every client desires with many lip filler techniques that can create your unique dream lips!


The Russian technique is perfect for those wanting to reshape their lips. Standard lip fillers can only offer added volume with your current shape with small adjustments, whilst our advanced techniques can address M shaped lips,  help rebalance asymmetries, create beautiful heart shaped lips & give the appearance of a wider or more narrow lip shape as required.

Your Lip Filler Appointment in Chelmsford

  • Any Dermal Filler Treatments at MODE, begins with a thorough consultation. During this consultation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and concerns, we will assess your lips anatomy and shape, then we will advise on a suitable treatment plan for you and the achievable results. At MODE we do not recommend any treatment that is not suitable for you and provide transparency when it comes to achievable outcomes.
  • Minimise Discomfort, during your lip fillers chelmsford appointment, we provide numbing cream if required, before your treatment begins. We also use dermal fillers which contain a numbing agent within them (subject to allergies) to keep you comfortable, and take our time with each patient to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible
  • Lip Fillers in Chelmsford, begins with injecting small amounts of filler, slowing lifting and filling the lip to the desired shape and size. Whilst injecting we lift the cupids bow, adjusting volume where necessary whilst shaping. At MODE we use premium dermal fillers that are suitable to each client.
  • Second to None Aftercare, for all our patients at MODE is our priority. We will provide you with the necessary aftercare at your lip filler appointment and are always on hand should you have any concerns or questions following your treatment.
after Russian lip filler

Russian Lip Reshaping


Lip filler injections are generally less painful than clients expect. We provide numbing cream as required, and use dermal fillers with a numbing agent within them (subject to allergies) which helps reduce discomfort. We always take our time with treatments to ensure you’re as relaxed as possible.

Lip fillers generally last between 9-12 months depending on the individual, filler build up and lifestyle factors.

There may be swelling, redness and bruising following any dermal filler treatment, and it’s best to avoid exercise for at least 48 hrs, although you may return to work and general activities the same or following day.

You can contact us directly using the WhatsApp tab for an e-consult, by sending us clear photos and videos for us to asses, along with any questions and concerns you may have. Alternatively you can book an in person consultation via the “Book Now” tab. We always carry out an in-depth consultation prior to treatment at every appointment.

1ml classic lip filler Chelmsford is £180

1ml Russian lip enhancement at MODE is £200

During your consultation a great amount of time will be spent discussing your expectations, so there shouldn’t be any surprise or shock results following treatment. However, if you are not happy with the results, we can administer a solution that dissolves the lip filler almost instantly. For clients who have had previous lip filler and wanting to reshape their lips with our lip filler techniques at MODE, we offer dissolving and refill packages.

Yes lip fillers can look natural. During your consultation we will discuss the best plan for you to achieve your desired results.



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