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MODE offers a range of advanced non-surgical aesthetic treatments that help you look great and feel confidence like never before.

Specialising in lip enhancement MODE offers a range of advanced lip filler techniques to cater for all natural, HD and Russian lips. Our practitioners will discuss fully what you are looking to achieve and adapt the techniques used to suit your desired outcome.

Lip fillers when placed correctly can be very natural whilst adding definition, lift and restoring lost volume. For those looking for a more volumised look they can also reshape and give an enhanced appearance if desired. The look of lip fillers can completely vary due to the techniques used and amount of filler injected into the lips over time.

At MODE we strategically place the dermal filler according to your desired result and will advise on future appointments in line with this.

We advise clients to be patient and allow 2-3 sessions to achieve your lip shape and size goal, especially if we have also used techniques to reshape your lips as this also improves in time along with volume.

Unsure How Much Lip Filler to Get?

For first timers and clients who are looking to add volume and enhance the shape of their lips we recommend booking a 1ml lip filler appointment.

0.5ml is a very subtle look and generally when the swelling has reduced clients want them bigger. This is also not a cost effective way of building up your filler.

We only recommend 0.5ml for very nervous clients who are desiring a very subtle result and top ups.

We generally only recommend 1.5ml appointment as a refill after a lip filler dissolve or for clients that naturally have bigger lips and more space within the lip tissue.

Don’t worry if you are still unsure, we will advise you on the suitable amount when we see you in person and can change your treatment accordingly on the day.

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